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Master Yacht Care

The total solution for cleaning in a sustainable way!

Master Yacht Care has its origins in F3 Flexiteek. Flexiteek introduced a synthetic teak material on the market in 2000, which in 2022 is one of the largest suppliers of synthetic teak decks in luxury yacht building.

Due to the enormous quality requirements in this market, the need to provide a sustainable cleaning product for this innovative product was a logical consequence.

Master Yacht Care offers a complete line of cleaning products, each with its own specific purpose. Master Yacht Care supplies cleaning products for all maintenance in the yacht building, automotive, and food industry.

Deck Friendly
Easy to use

Boat Master

Boat Master is an organic quick cleaner for varnished and unvarnished surfaces, a strong alkaline degreaser for the cleaning of floors, machines, applicable on all types of hardwood, metal, and plastic surfaces. Applicable on the hull, machine room, ribs, plastic, polyester. Does not leave residue is antistatic and gives a good grip on decks, floors, and side deck which in turn ensures safety. Do not use mirrors, glass, and stainless steel. Use our Interior Master instead.

For the best cleaning results, apply Boat Master atomized on the surface to be cleaned and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Brush in using a sponge or synthetic brush and then rinse with plenty of water. Through post-treatment with water, the product leaves no residue and remains antistatic. Recommended dosage: Normal contamination: 1:20, heavy contamination: 1:10, extreme contamination : 1: 1

Note: Always rinse thoroughly with water in all cases. Test the surface to be cleaned by applying it to an area that is noticeable.

Bright Master

For streak-free cleaning of the entire cockpit, including windows, mirrors, and other smooth surfaces. Bright Master is an interior cleaner for cleaning all smooth surfaces such as; mirrors, glass/windows or windows, tiles, enamel, sanitary ware, plastic, and stainless steel. Also suitable for countertops and (ceramic) hobs.

For a streak-free result, spray Bright Master and wipe with a lint-free (microfiber) cloth. Dosage: use undiluted, spray the surface to be cleaned.

Note: test the surface to be cleaned by testing it on an eye-catching area. Do not use cloths that have been washed with a fabric softener. Do not use a kitchen roll. Shake before use! Store free from frost.

Deck Master

Deck Master is a colorless organic quick cleaner for varnished and unvarnished surfaces, a strong alkaline degreaser for the cleaning of all ship decks, that have been painted/varnished, Flexiteek deck, teak deck, epoxy deck, and all sorts of hardwood, iron, and plastic surfaces.

Do not use on mirrors, glass, and stainless steel. Removes diesel oil, rubber stripes, old wax layers, sunscreen stains, fat, moss, algae, coaldust, soot.

Applicable by mopping in, spraying, and rubbing with a scouring sponge or hard brush. Allow this plus-minus 10 minutes to reach the correct result. Stimulate by going over it again with the brush. Rinse with plenty of water.

Recommended dosage; Normal contamination : 1:20; Heavy contamination : 1:10; Extreme contamination : 1: 1.

Note: Test the surface to be cleaned by testing it on an eye-catching area. Keep frost-free.

Hull Master

The Hull Master is a self-cleaning product that effortlessly removes grease, limescale, rust, and other stubborn deposits from chrome, stainless steel, polyester, tiles, and all non-calcareous surfaces, removes copper greens, soap residues, skin grease, and many stubborn deposits. Applicable to outboard engines and waterlines.

Let the Hull Master work for 10 minutes, worked up with a scouring pad. Then rinse well with water. Repeat this operation if necessary. Aftertreatment with Boat Master, rinse with plenty of water.

Dosage: Hull Master is generally always diluted with water in a ratio of 1; 20. In the event of extreme contamination, it is applied undiluted. For descaling and rusting, 1; 5 applied to the parts to be cleaned, soaked in an immersion bath. In cold or hot water. The Hull Master can be used for a faster result up to a temperature of 65 ⁰C.

Note: when cleaning on a trailer, this product can damage parts that are galvanized. Test the surface to be cleaned by testing an eye-catching area. Use chemical-resistant gloves and a mouthpiece.

Interieur Master

Interieur Master is used to remove stains on plastic, upholstery, area rugs, and carpets. Interieur Master can also be used on many types of plastics, wall coverings, clothing and textiles, tokens, fixed floor coverings, area rugs, cockpit, leather upholstery.

Spray Interieur Master on the stain for a few seconds from a distance of approximately 20 cm. Brush in if desired, then dab dry with a dry cloth. Repeat this treatment until the stain has disappeared.

Dosage: use undiluted.

Note: Test the surface to be cleaned for color

Sanitair Master

For hygienic descaling and degreasing, leaves a pleasant scent. Sanitair Master is a fast-acting cleaner that effortlessly removes limescale, skin grease, rust, soap residues, copper green & black deposits on aluminum, and all non-calcareous surfaces.

For regular maintenance of wet areas such as sinks, showers, walls and toilet areas, swimming pools, sinks, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, acid-resistant tiles, and tiles.

For the best cleaning result Dilute Sanitary Master with lukewarm water. Use a higher dosage when removing lime residues. At a higher dose, clean well with a cloth or sponge and rinse thoroughly with water.

Dosage: 1; 10.Note: Test the surface to be cleaned by testing for an eye-catching area. Store free from frost.

Support Master

Is a highly concentrated multi-cleaner for streak-free cleaning of the inside and outside of your yacht. Suitable for wall coverings, plastic, furniture, table furniture, kitchen cupboards, induction plate, stainless steel cooker, toilet, shower, all other sanitary ware, and interior.

Good to use for daily maintenance after intensive cleaning with the Deck Master and Boat Master and suitable for cleaning maintenance where high demands are placed on the cleaning result. For the best cleaning results on floors and side decks, we recommend using a flat mop and a microfiber cloth on other surfaces. Support Master can be diluted with hot or cold water. thoroughly rinse the cleaned surface with water.

Recommended dosage: Normal contamination: 35ml; 10 liters of water, heavy contamination: 50 ml; 10 liters of water. Note: Test the surface to be cleaned by testing for an eye-catching area. Store free from frost. Leaves no residue and streaks.

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